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Image by Inés Blazquez


I'm in my late 20's, 5'7", and not a lot of pounds.

I have celiac disease.

I'm from Los Angeles but now live in rural Arizona.

I had my hip surgically repaired in my mid-20s.

I'm half-Black and Half-Japanese.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday running up a double black diamond ski slope (and did it with a smile).

I have a dog named Quigley, a cat named Annyong, and I'm the eldest of four girls.

I am a silversmith and a notary.

I'm starting two LLC's this year and I also collect stamps and quarters.


That's quite the wild list, because life sure is a wild ride and I freakin' love it here!


I'm doing a lot these days, and I plan to share as much as I can with my people. Things I learn how to do or overcome, cool stuff I see/do/make/eat/read, anything I'd want to share with my best friend or sister are all fair game, post-wise.


There are just a few guidelines here for me and for you - be honest, be kind when you can, and be someone you'd want to be friends with. I spent a lot of time overthinking what my presence and 3 past blog sites *should* be, which is super bad for the brain, and we aren't playing that nonsense this time around.


Blogging should be fun, like making friends at a really awesome party where you leave with everyone's number and plans for brunch next week. So let's kick it and explore this wild life, together!

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