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  • Taylor Nakakihara

Goodbye Poop Wands & Shame!

The things that excite an adult may vary - sometimes you get to do cool things like eating only Fruit By the Foot fruit snacks for meals, other times you get really excited about cleaning toilets.

Toilet brushes have been a conscious problem for me for a while - the fundamental concept of a brush that goes in the sh*tter water then scrubs the grossest surface possible and then is allowed to simply exist in its corner disgusts me. Frankly, it doesn't make sense to me that something that gross can ever clean anything. I get new ones for the house every single year, I've even considered going up to new ones every six months...

Did you know there are people who don't avoid cleaning their entire bathrooms just because they hate one tool of one step of the process? Yeah - I am not one of those people and I felt unbelievable shame about it while also continuing to not clean the toilets. Weeks and weeks of compounding shame plus the mounting anxiety of tasks visibly piling up around you will ruin your life y'all.

K.C. Davis' book How to Keep House While Drowning: 31 Days of Compassionate Help is on my current reading list for May - my thoughts and feelings about the toilet brush and resultant bathroom cleaning avoidance resonate with pillar 5 of Davis' struggle care:

Shame is the enemy of functioning

So in order to break the cycle of shame in the bathroom, I gave myself room to acknowledge that cleaning toilets is a little gross no matter what, and gave myself permission to look for something that would make cleaning toilets manageable, if not actually fun or exciting.

This magic wand is my Holy Grail for the whole toilet brush situation.

I got my first one at Walmart but snagged a second one for the Guest Bathroom for $6 ($3 savings = 30% off!) by waiting for a price drop with Amazon. My single-use toilet brush dreams have been answered!!

The kit comes with the wand, caddy stand, and 6 refill pads. You simply click on a fresh pad, dip it in the toilet water, and scrub! No more cling gel that doesn't get the entire underside lip of the bowl, no flicking droplets everywhere as you scrub - I guess I didn't realize how many different things about cleaning toilets bothered me until I got this thing and started truly living.

Finding this shortcut to making myself do chores has really inspired me - what other household chore obstacles can I remove to make it easy and comfortable for me to keep the house the way I want to?

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