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  • Taylor Nakakihara

Help me fight hunger!

On October 9th, I am participating in the City of Eloy Heroes for Hunger 5k. My donation goal is $296 - exactly 100x the average meal cost in Pinal County according to Feeding America. All race proceeds will go to helping "stock the shelves" of the Eloy Veterans Center and The Santa Cruz Valley Food Pantry.

There are a few social justice issues "hills I am willing to die on" - one is that in a country as developed and advanced as America, there is 0 excuse for the food insecurity that so many households here face. There is no good reason why food deserts should exist, and access to reliable fresh fruit, veg, and meat shouldn't be a privilege. No family should No child should ever have to worry about being hungry, and no parent should ever feel the pain and desolate fear of not being able to feed their kids.

Furthermore - children who grow up in food-insecure households are exponentially more likely to experience another adverse childhood experience, or ACE(s). If you'd like to know more about the connection between food insecurity and ACEs, click here to view a helpful guide from Drexel University's Center for Hunger-Free Communities.

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Initially established as a railroad town in the late 1800’s and incorporated in 1949, Eloy has served as a regional trade center for a vibrant agricultural economy transitioning over the last 30 years to a more diverse economy that includes transportation services, manufacturing and logistics.

Read more at the City of Eloy Official Website

Eloy is a quiet former railroad town just 11 miles south of where I live in Casa Grande. Both towns are in Pinal County, which unfortunately has a 12.7% food insecurity rate - a full 1.2% above the national food insecurity rate. Food insecurity is an important issue to me, and I am starting the work at home with my own two feet. This is why my donation goal is 100x the Pinal County average meal cost of $2.96 - the math might be overly simplified, but how awesome would it be if just my donations could cover 100 meals? Imagine if just 10 Heroes for Hunger 5k participants each raised $296 - that's $2960 to support the Eloy Veterans Center and The Santa Cruz Valley Food Pantry!

Thank you!

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