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Let's Get Checked - Micronutrient Test Kit

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I recently did an at-home Micronutrient blod test from Let's Get Checked - I think I'll be doing more/most of my blood testing this way!

Read on to find out more about what I like about at home testing kits like Let's Get Checked, and why I am doing my health tests this way.


I’m fascinated with at home health care and wearable tech for health

I love telemedicine appointments and like the ability to be more in charge of my health using modern tech. I feel very futuristic when I use my watch to check my heart rate or sleep score - this is the kind of thing that was a sci-fi dream not too long ago!

I think its so empowering that an individual can take so much control over their health before seeing a doctor for more professional help, and firmly believe in taking a proactive role in managing one's health. I show up to my doctor's appointments with a folder of information, ask questions, and take notes or recordings - why wouldn't I add further test results to my arsenal of information?

As a celiac with weird eating habits, there is a high probability that I have a nutrient deficiency somewhere

I am a picky eater (which really shouldn't be such a societal problem, just leave me and my limited food desires in peace) and I also have celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder - when someone like me eats gluten, their immune system freaks out and kills the villi in the small intestine (among other fun reaction symptoms). These villi are responsible for nutrient absorption so when a celiac is regularly exposed to even tiny amounts of gluten, their nutrient absoption is compromised.

My cross-contamination weakness is french fries, and I know in the past year I have been very lazy about avoiding gluten and have been eating the damn shared fryer fries anyway. I need to stop, but it's hard when the golden potato rears its crispy head. Being able to see my nutrient levels and having to sit with the deficiencies will give me a stronger reason to tell myself to step away from the fries (or whatever other unsafe food I'm flirting with).

This Micronutrient test will show me my Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Copper, Zinc, and B12 levels. I'm particularly interested in my Magnesium levels - it has been suggested that taking a Magnesium supplement can ease the symptoms of subjective anxiety. (Study here)

I'm getting older and want more direction on my health habits.

I like the idea of having a bunch of test results over the years in one profile, so that I can better understand my body over time. This Micronutrient test from Let's Get Checked is actually the first of two I am taking - the second is a Women's Health Panel.

I was told that my body would go through a lot of changes as I neared 30, but I wasn't really prepared for how it would actually feel to be in my body. I don't think it helps that I need to be more active and have an auto-immune disorder playing tricks on me from the inside. I digest things differently, heal slower, my skin needs different products and god forbid I don't drink enough water or I look like straight up leather, and I can't get by with too little sleep anymore. Additionally, the joke about how you can simply sleep wrong in your 30's and have neck problems for days afterward is considerably less funny when you find out how true it is.

My response to getting older and not liking how it feels - get more information and then do something about it.

I'm starting with information about the systems inside my body and working my way out to eventually seeing a dermatologist about my new skin concerns. Once I have information and numbers to reference, I can make some changes and then test again to see how I am improving or if I need to go a different route. This micronutrient test will specifically help me with identifying my dietary needs in general, but it's also important information to reference as I get ready to start training for Spartan Races again.

I am excited to see what the results say, and to also get a big-picture look at my feminine health next month when I do the Female Hormone test kit!

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