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  • Taylor Nakakihara

New Thing! Flowcode + Flowpages

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

So you're leveraging your single Instagram/Twitter bio link - but where do you keep your QR codes?

Enter what I'm calling the Flow Fam - Flowcode and Flowpages. Flowcodes are a new, more secure, prettier iteration of the now ubiquitous QR code. I found Flowcode when looking for a reasonably priced QR code management platform for my day job at Palm Creek (PCK) - at $9.95/month for the Pro option that offers unlimited scans of up to 100 total Flowcodes, I doubt PCK will need to upgrade their account any time soon.

So... how is the 55+ community reacting to the new QR codes they’re seeing around the resort?

Very well, actually - thanks to COVID. I would imagine that for a lot of my residents, the first time they ever encountered a QR code they couldn’t ignore was at restaurants to access menus during COVID. They had tons of opportunities over the past two years to see QR codes, interact with them, and realize how freakin cool they are. Seeing them in the resort doesn’t seem to phase them, and has even helped us bridge the gap when printed materials aren’t ready yet.

As I identify more opportunities to use these codes and deploy them, Flowcode analytics will be helpful to explore what areas of the resort are generating the most scans and why. It’s not the most detailed analytics page, and you can’t edit the time zone for Scans by Time of Day, but it gets the job done for me.

Flowcode is set up for someone like me who manages a lot of different people's stuff in the name of 'marketing' - with Flowcode Pro, you can manage up to 100 codes and 5 Flowpages (more on that next). You are also able to organize both your codes and Flowpages into folders; for PCK, the codes are organized into folders by department/office (ex - PCK F&B holds all the codes for our restaurant menus), and for my personal Flowcode account each company/entity has their own folder where all of their Flow stuff lives.

Now - Flowpages. I chose Flowcode over other QR code management options because this additional feature at the $10/month price point is a great deal. I am excited to see how Flowpages develop in the future, and definitely think anyone interested should get in now while we're considered "early adopters" - but I am not taking full advantage of this perk just yet. Here’s why:

One of the things I love about Flowcodes is the ability to upload files up to 20MB - you can do the same with a Flowpage!

On the other hand, Arizona, the black sheep of time zones, rears its ugly head once again. The ‘store hours’ content feature displays at a glance if something is open or not - very cool for places like PCK that have many offices with different hours. However, because I can’t set my time zone to AZ-MST, I will need to be very careful with this feature twice a year at daylight savings time. I bet you one month of Flowcode Pro I will forget at least once before the end of 2022.

There are also a fair number of design limitations that I can't overlook.

Contact Information is very rigid

· You get a spot for a phone number, text message number, email address, physical address and title/company info. That's it - no editing existing fields or adding new ones.

· Your address must be findable using Google maps - sucks for anyone who uses a PO Box · There should also be a link for a website in the contact info section

Colors are pretty limited, and where they show up isn't up to you

Content organization is nonexistent

I am pretty conflicted about moving every landing page I operate to Flowpage until some of these design features are hammered out. Flowcode Pro would save me money over what I currently pay for Liinks Team ($10 vs $14.99) but some of my pages, especially the one for AAGT, have a ton of content that can’t just be stacked on top of itself without creating a hugely long page. Flowpages offer more dedicated button options than Liinks does, and does offer a much glossier product, but the functionality just isn’t what I need it to be to fully switch to the Flow Fam only.

All in all - I like the Flow Fam, and am excitedly waiting for the next steps with Flowpages!

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