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Walk for PKD

Promotional materials for Regulus, National Bronze Sponsor of the PKD Foundation WalkforPKD 2021

From the Walk for PKD Website: At the PKD Foundation, our vision is to #endPKD. To achieve this, more PKD research is needed. Over the past 40 years, we’ve evolved from not only a funder, but a doer of research. Since 1982, we’ve proudly funded more than $50 million in PKD research and leveraged $1.5 billion in government funding. Our grant and fellowship program improves disease understanding to drive new treatments.

I was asked to create a t-shirt and banner design for the Regulus employees that are participating in the 2021 Walk for PKD. Regulus is a National Bronze Sponsor for this fundraising event. I was given branding guidelines for Regulus and the PKD Foundation and prepared a t-shirt design that complemented the banner for photographing purposes on the day of the event.

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